About Me

LOVE. FORGIVENESS. EMPATHY AND RESPECT to you first and then to others is the most important thing. Don’t waste time with negativity and drama. Life is too short to be bitter. Positive thoughts=Positive results. 

In Venezuela I worked in professional Theatre before I began working on TV. I worked in 4 different TV Series that were sold worldwide.

I am a Norwegian citizen and in Oslo I studied and graduated in Pharmacy

I studied music theory when I was a kid, classical music, and then I began writing my own music, some demos on my soundcloud. My first single with a videoclip is called “You & Me Tonight” and it was produced it in the summer of 2017, released worldwide in September 2017. My latest single “Negrita” was released on VEVO summer 2019, and I have 5 official singles.

Music is very important to me, it is just wonderful to hear it, feel it, dance it and to see how much it touches the life of billions of people around the globe. That is why I am a music writer, producer, entertainer and singer.

I also make showreels for companies, from restaurants to hotels, models, clubs, the possibilities are endless, examples of my work making showreels in my section showreels.

I also have produced music as “DJLOVE4K” making videos in 4 K, examples of my work in my section DJLOVE4K.

Now studying official grade in Cinematography here at the University of Las Palmas in Gran Canaria, I made a short documentary for school about a Golden Retriever puppy I have been training, his name is Bob and he is the best company, the best friend, all I feel for him is love, he makes me a better person every day., These dogs are amazing, no wonder they work also rescuing people, also with people that have  epilepsy and other illnesses, just to mention a few. The documentary is now available at BobĀ“s new youtube channel, you can watch there or here.

Thank you

Peace and love.

Marcos Morffe